Joyce Armstrong Carroll, Ed.D., H.L.D. & Edward E. Wilson

Abydos Trainers and Absey Consultants

All Abydos Learning offerings are interactive and brain-research based.  Presenters take participants through the experiences/lessons so teachers know exactly how to implement the strategies in their respective classrooms to better meet the needs of their students, disciplines, and grade levels. There is a minimum of telling and a maximum of showing.

Abydos prides itself on its flexibility so it customizes its offerings to meet region, district, and/or campus needs. 

Abydos also offers training of trainers: TOTS, the training of Abydos trainers; TTT, the training of teachers for tests; TORS, the training of reading trainers; TOGS, the training of grammar trainers; APTT, the training of primary teachers as trainers. 

Abydos is eager to help you in your search for better, more authentic teaching and deeper learning.  Feel free to e-mail or call for more information. 

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