Original Data

Continued Research

Abydos Literacy Learning  builds on almost a half-century of the solidly seminal work of Harvard’s Janet Emig.  With such a firm foundation, Abydos grew grand and strong, proving effective repeatedly in Texas through TABS, TEAMS, TAAS, the SAT, the TPRI and is making a positive difference on the TAKS in school districts where it is properly implemented and supported.  Built upon true scientific research designed and monitored by the Educational Testing Service in Princeton in collaboration with Rutgers University, and tested in project and control school districts across New Jersey 1977-1979, it is a proven project. (Carroll, 1984, 315-333)
Continued research out of Abydos Learning (NJWPT) includes dissertations by Vivian Athens Eads, Baylor University; Ginger Cheville Metz, Sam Houston State University; Kelley R. Smith (now Barger) Texas A & M University; and Robin D. Johnson’s forthcoming dissertation from Texas A & M University. Additionally, trainers recertify every three years using the latest research and strategies, which broadens all trainers, trainees, teachers, and administrators.

Abydos is a Project

Recent Trends

Abydos is not a program.  Programs are reactionary because they try to repair something gone awry or something negative. They are always temporary, always following, never leading. They impose.  Abydos has grown out of a project born of vision. Vision grows out of a philosophy.  It leads, opens the way to success, permits growth, flow, and natural development.  It proposes.
In step with the recent trend in rediscovering what is sound and good, schools are turning to that which has proven lasting, durable, and workable—that which is successful and wholesome. Abydos has worked district by district, teacher by teacher, student by student to earn this luxury of sustainability.  It has avoided fads, commercialism, and scare tactics by staying true to the basics of writing and reading as processes, grammar taught within that process in systematic, hands-on ways, that is using authentic strategies and authentic student writing—not mountains of worksheets—in foundational staff development.  It has embraced research built not upon conjecture, spurious results, or falsified numbers but upon the hard and fast rules of science.  While others floundered and foundered, Abydos knows how people learn and has always built upon that knowing in substanial ways.